Quality Control Punch Lists

Think of us as your quality control team. One month prior to closing, my team walks the home, inspects work of all third party contractors, and creates a thorough punch list. We’ll then serve as the project manager, working directly with your contractors to fix all items on the list, quickly. Our ability to catch things early and get them resolved prior to close will save your project money, prevent delays in closing, and leave your homeowners satisfied.

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Final Home Preparation

There’s always last minute clean up to do prior to close. Our staff is trained in getting a home in a condition that meets the high expectations of home owners. This includes testing appliances, utilities, electrical, plumbing, window functionality, and a full wipe down of the unit prior to final homeowner walkthrough.

Home Owner Orientations

Move-in day is here, but you have several other units you’re trying to finish, inspections scheduled, multiple contractors on site, and little time to spend with the homeowners. We’ll walk the homeowner through their new home, educating them on the utilities, appliances, surfaces, parking and the community. We keep track of questions and concerns, and work with contractors to get answers and any necessary repairs.


Customer Service

We can act as your customer service arm of your team, receiving and responding to warranty claims in a timely manner and serving as project managers for any work that needs to be done on the home post move-in. Our quick response time and follow up with homeowners will result in happy customers and will leave you with more time to focus on completing production.

Remodeling & Handyman SERVICES

Whether you are looking for handyman or want to remodel your home, our team can help with flooring, cabinetry, drywall, paint, landscaping, concrete, plumbing, electrical, tile & backsplash, as well as the installation of lights, ceiling fans, door bells, and security systems.